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Who the f*ck is Pace ?

Pace is a podcaster, MMA über fan, metal/rock band interviewer, martial artist, mountain hiker, obstacles racer, rollercoaster fanatic. He formerly aired his non-sense on XM Satellite Radio. You can enjoy his random thoughts on Twitter: @playgroundpod.

From an amerindian cabin to the worldwide internetCIHW studio - Quebec City, Canada

Pace, born and raised in Quebec City (Canada), started his radio career at 18 on CIHW 100,3 FM (1998), a local amerindian station. Extreme Attitude would rock kids’ friday nights with the best new metal songs and corky comedy. The best thing was the radio station being a small white cabin, with its broadcast antenna attached to one of the walls. An old audio console with huge round buttons, CD players that would skip on-air songs and a quota of amerindian songs to be played per hour: everything to get top ratings. Didn’t matter anyways, as Pace hadn’t figured out yet that sucking on the air wasn’t the best of radio-career-enhancement strategies.

CIMI 103,7 FM - Pace's Playground PodcastAfter graduating from the Quebec Radio and Television College (2001), Pace resumed his local radio career with the newly launched CIMI 103,7 FM. Promoting a fresh, hardcore, new rock format, CIMI-FM was the vector through which Pace reinvented himself and created his signature show: Pace’s Playground. Surrounded by his best friends – and bright yellow walls that would have fucked up any epileptic person – Pace offered fans the most entertaining radio show aired on friday nights. CIMI FM is the station that saw the birth of key characters in the show, such as the Scrotum Family, Doctor Poopoo, and Uncle Gravel. The Pace’s Playground radio show was on its way to a Nobel Prize.

Pace's Playground - Radio Énergie - CHIK 98,9 FMThe allure of spendex tights became too obsessing, so Pace temporarily left the broadcast world in order to focus on his pro-wrestling career (yep, “pro-wrasslin”). Training at the Killer Kowalski Wrestling School / Choatic Training Center in Boston, MA, Pace got the call from a major radio station in Quebec City: Radio Énergie (CHIK 98,9 FM). A new, all-comedy version of the Pace’s Playground radio show took back the airwaves in August of 2004, and became an instant hit. The weeknight program introduced listeners to new characters, like Basil the Comedian Goat, P.A. Announcer, and the Clumsy Handyman. The Pace’s Playground radio show had a constant growth in the rating for two years… and then was pulled off the air.

Radio silence.

Pace's Playground - Radio Énergie - CHIK 98,9 FMPace revised his approach to radio broadcasting and assessed he had more than absurd characters to offer listeners. The self-titled “Pacemeister” decided, then, to move to the Montréal area and attend Concordia University. Upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Pace acknowledged that the future of broadcasting resided in new technologies. Consecutively, he approached XM Satellite Radio and proposed a revamped concept of his signature radio show. Discussing politics, economics, MMA, rock music, video games, and society in general, the all-talk reboot of the Pace’s Playground radio show debuted on XM 172 in the summer of 2010. Relying on a synergic new media distribution, the radio show was available on MySpace, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, RSS, mobile devices and through its own website. Motivated by the Pacemeister’s passion for martial arts, Pace’s Playground on XM Satellite Radio became the first french-canadian program to collaborate with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). In 2011, Pace was granted the honour of being the only french-speaking media in the world to broadcast from UFC’s marquee UFC 129 event weekend in Toronto (2011).

Following the merger between Sirius and XM satellite radios, the channel which broadcast the Pace’s Playground radio show on XM got cancelled. Pace was, again, radio homeless.Pace's Playground podcast - MMA and Rock Music - Logo - Retina

Pace concentrated his efforts towards his martial arts career. After successfully opening a karate school near Montréal, the Pacemeister’s undying passion for radio got the best of him. As 2015 came around, a brand-new, 100% english-speaking reincarnation of his Pace’s Playground hit the podcast world. You are now part of it.

Welcome inside his mind.

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