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August 10, 2016 Hollywood Undead discuss the secret behind their masks, MySpace and flirting on tour Posted In: Podcast, Rock Music

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Hollywood Undead and the secret behind the masks

Hollywood Undead masks photo - Pace's Playground podcastIn this podcast, Johnny 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead reveals the origins of the rock band’s masks gimmick. Though not a serious matter at first, the masks quickly became part of HU’s identity and helped to differentiate themselves from other rock music groups. J3T considers the accessory unified the rap-rock band with its fanbase and allowed all Hollywood Undead members some visual artistic expression. Upon the release of HU’s second album – American Tragedy – the masks were redesigned and upgraded with integrated lighting. That evolution influenced the rock band to use the accessory as part of its stage act.

“There’s only a couple of guys (in the band) that are single, and the others won’t cross that line or do anything bad, because they love their wives or girlfriends… but… there’s nothing wrong with a ‘lil flirtin’, is there ?” – Johnny 3 Tears, Hollywood Undead

MySpace: still relevant for emerging bands ?

Through this interview, Hollywood Undead‘s Johnny 3 Tears reminisces the “old times” when record labels – such as Interscope Records – would search through websites like MySpace to find new rock bands. Although HU got discovered via MySpace, J3T feels the website is not as relevant for rock or metal bands as it once was. New technologies, allowing anyone with a computer to create music, forced a return to the old school ways of performing local shows in order to get noticed. The HU singer and bass player evaluates that new rock music bands don’t deserve their success as much as they used to.

Hollywood Undead - Johnny 3 Tears photo - Pace's Playground podcastSingle on the road vs single at home

In the podcast, J3T ponders if flirting on a Hollywood Undead tour is morally acceptable, when you have a girlfriend waiting at home. According to the singer, staying faithful is hard when you’re surrounded by a fanbase composed by a majority of girls. The best solution found by Hollywood Undead members is to flee to the hotel room as soon as a show is over… and hide.

Rap and rock music: from Run-D.M.C and Aerosmith to Hollywood Undead

In the interview, Johnny 3 Tears, singer and bass player for HU, asserts the difficulty to satisfy all Hollywood Undead members artistically, considering the rock band’s plurality of music influences. J3T acknowledges that the diversity of music styles found in HU songs is actually what creates their uniqueness.

Hollywood Undead most viewed YouTube music video

Hollywood Undead top songs (according to our superior mind)

  1. Everywhere I Go (Swan Songs)
  2. Been to Hell (American Tragedy)
  3. Undead (Swan Songs)
  4. Black Dahlia (Swan Songs)
  5. Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead)
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